Armenian (Հայերեն)English (United Kingdom)


Special Offer to England

Start Dates

04.05.2015 (£1510)

31.05.2015 (£1510)

4 weeks English Course in England +      

  • One day tour to Cambridge
  • One day tour to London
  • 3 days tour to Paris 

Special Price            

£ 1510


 4 weeks

Application deadline  

 1 month before starting date 

Participants age


About the School


Churchill House is located in the seaside town of Ramsgate in England. Every year many students from all over the world come to study English here. This school is famous for its high-educational  level and well-qualified teachers. Paul  Hale is one of the efficient professors of this school, who has taught  English at English Club in Armenia in 2011.

About the course

images 3

  • General English 20 lessons per week (15 hours)
  • Maximum 12 students in a classroom
  • Classes from elementary to advanced levels 
  • Multinational students in the classrooms
  • Modern and technically well-equipped classrooms

 About Accommodation


The students have opportunity to choose the type of their accommodation. The options are student residence, host family or hotel. We advise our students to choose host family, because it is the only place where they can be closer to the English culture, improve their English and why not to gain English friends?

 About tours


On Saturdays and Sundays the school’s experienced guides will accompany you to the best picturesque places of England and tell you lots of interesting facts about it. During these 4 weeks a weekend trip to Paris for 3 days (Amsterdam, Belgium or Edinburg) will give unforgettable memories. 

One day trip to London 

One day trip to Cambridge

Three day tour to Paris 

Tour to_London cambridge-2 Tour to_PAris
 About required document

The required documents might be different from a candidate to another, but generally the required documents are the following:

  • A valid passport
  • Reference from the educational institution (in students case)
  • (mention the size and the dimentions of the photo) mm or pixels
 About fees

Feemoney 2

 The normal price of this program is £1890, but the bargain price is £1510 and it includes:

  • Airport transfers- arrival & departure
  • 4 weeks accommodation with host family, including breakfast and dinner
  • 4 weeks General English course 20 lessons per week (15 hours)
  • Social Club Activity Program
  • One day trip to London
  • One day trip to Cambridge
  • 3 Day Tour to Paris, Amsterdam or Scotland (according to your choice)
  • free enrolment

Additional expenses:

  • Flight ticket 200000-300000 AMD
  • Visa fee (UK)
  • Visa fee (France) 
  • Bank commission-12000AMD
  • Travel insurance-12000 AMD