Armenian (Հայերեն)English (United Kingdom)
Churchill House
General English 15;20;25 Lesson p/w
Country: United Kingdom City: Kent
Level of qualification: Certificate Education variants: Full time
Start Date: Any Monday Age range: 17+
End Date: Any Friday Accommodation: optional
Length: 2-48 weeks Price: 145-290 GBP per week
Course Code: 215 CURSELINK
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Churchill House is an efficiently managed school run in a very professional way. We can therefore keep our prices low and offer you outstanding value for money. Our aim is to give our customers the best possible service at the most economical and competitive price - we think we succeed! We also know that a successful language course does not just mean excellent teaching. Good accommodation and a well-designed leisure programme are both equally important. Over 40 years of experience and development have enabled us to create a well-balanced learning programme for you. We have built a world-wide reputation for excellence in teaching, accommodation and leisure.


Our host families are chosen for their cleanliness and comfort and for the friendliness with which they welcome you into their home. If you don\'t want to stay with a family you can ask us for full details of the arrangements we have with small privately owned hotels, B&B and flats near the school.

General English is ideal if you want to improve your English in general, English is your hobby, you want to improve English for yourself or you want to make or meet international friends.
• Lessons as intense or as relaxed as you want.
• Lessons based on everyday life and routines, hobbies and interests, current affairs and other general interests.
• Materials used could include published EFL materials (general course books, skill practice books for vocabulary or phrasal verbs, pronunciation, grammar etc...., and special interest books for medicine, law, business etc....,) newspapers, magazines, the Internet, TV, video/DVD, radio and so on.
• A study visit as part of the programme is possible by arrangement - you will use real-life situations as part of your lesson.